Meet Shifting Patterns


Meet Shifting Patterns

  Kimberley Jutze Chief Change Architect, Shifting Patterns Consulting

Kimberley Jutze
Chief Change Architect, Shifting Patterns Consulting

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Throughout my life I’ve been a member of numerous teams, including ones that we may not typically recognize as a team, such as our families.  The variety of experiences I’ve had—whether as a member or a team building consultant, in a work or volunteer context, ad hoc or long-term duration, and good or bad experience—have taught me a lot about building relationships that enable me to achieve goals that are beyond my own reach.         

Prior to starting Shifting Patterns I had a career in international aid and development.  Working in an intense, and sometimes dangerous, environment where people are struggling to recover from armed conflict and natural disaster was a life changing experience.  I was inspired by the people I met who demonstrated an incredible spirit of resilience in the face of tremendous loss. 

At the same time, I was concerned about what I saw as missed opportunities to achieve a broader and more sustainable impact in the communities where I worked.  Looking back on this experience, I realized that this could have been achieved by building stronger relationships with my colleagues and the communities we worked with in addition to focusing on the disaster recovery assistance that was provided.  One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that successful teams not only pay attention to the work that gets done, they also address how work gets done.  

It was these realizations, combined with a desire to help organizations be more successful in achieving their social mission, that drew me to a career in organization development and to found Shifting Patterns.  A daily source of inspiration for my consulting practice is working alongside nonprofits, social enterprises, and benefit corporations that are addressing some of society’s toughest challenges, like defending the rights of immigrants, creating an economy that enables local businesses to thrive, and developing a supportive ecosystem for social entrepreneurs to spread their innovative ideas. 

I’m also motivated by an approach to consulting that helps teams develop the skills to solve the problems they face on their own.  When people work better together, our workplaces and communities can become the kinds of places where we are fully engaged and committed to making a positive difference.  This is where Shifting Patterns comes in.     

I look forward to taking the next steps to work with you!  Contact me to find out how to get started.


What Makes Us Special

What Makes Us Special

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice." - Martin luther King, Jr.

This quote inspires our work.  Our role is to help changemakers build a lever that helps bend the arc further in the direction of justice.   We recognize that social change is difficult and courageous work where success is measured by incremental progress.  We're committed to supporting teams throughout their movement building journey.

We believe that how we relate to ourselves and to each other is fundamental to all change.  We work with a variety of teams because they are the basic building block of efforts to bring about positive change whether your goals are to provide a social service, build communities that are better places to live, or mobilize people to advocate for political change.

Why choose Shifting Patterns Consulting?

  • Similar Ethos: We work exclusively with mission based organizations, such as nonprofits, social enterprises, and B Corporations.
  • 'On the Ground' Experience: Our founder has worked with local, national, and international mission-based organizations throughout her career. 
  • Your People are the Driving Force Behind Your Mission: We specialize in improving the effectiveness of teams to generate social impact.
  • Untraditional Consulting: When you work with Shifting Patterns we won't tell you how to implement lasting change, we'll teach you.
  • High-Touch, High-Quality Service: We begin by meeting your team where it is on the path to social impact and we are accountable throughout the duration of our work together.  You'll know that your investment is going directly into your team's transformation.

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What It Means to Be a B Corp

What It Means to Be a B Corp

Are you confident that the products and services you buy are produced in a way that is consistent with your values?  We are.

Ever wondered how much truth there is in the claims that businesses make about being “a good corporate citizen”?  We don’t.    

Why?  We’re a member of a 2,000+ community of certified B Corporations that has met rigorous third-party standards for performance, accountability, and transparency.  Why does all of this matter?  “The Golden Rule” of treating others how we want to be treated applies just as much to our relationship with the environment as to each other.  Beyond having a responsibility to do the right thing, we recognize the power of business to solve social problems, whether it’s promoting healthy fitness behaviors among people who don’t have access to an exercise facility or taking fair trade to the next level by building connections between coffee producing and consuming communities.  

At Shifting Patterns values are more than words on a sheet of paper.  They are a reflection of who we are and are at the essence of our work in facilitating social change.

For us, sustainability has multiple meanings, all of which are reflected in our work:

  • People: We create a lasting impact through our work.  By working alongside changemakers, we strengthen their capabilities to lead change whether it's articulating a unifying purpose statement or developing a process for people to join and participate in collaborative efforts to advance social progress.
  • Planet: We are kind to the environment.  We get the most use out of our environmentally sustainable products and replace them only when needed 
  • Profit: We contribute a portion of our revenue to charitable organizations who are making our community a better place to live.

We’re proud to be a member of the B Corp Community where the “B” in benefit not only represents the kinds of organizations we work with, but also the principles by which we operate.  Check out our profile here.

If you own or work for a company in the Washington, DC area that is interested in joining the B Corp movement, check out B Local: Mid-Atlantic Region to find out about upcoming events or to take the Quick Impact Assessment .