Don’t just take our word for it.  Hear what others have to say about Shifting Patterns:

"I highly recommend Shifting Patterns Consulting. Kimberley quickly earned the trust of the leadership of our Ashoka Changemakers team through her balance of thoughtfulness, warmth and impeccable professionalism. I was thoroughly impressed with Kimberley's preparation as she gathered context about our leadership team. Her guidance was resonant, and we emerged from our leadership retreat with lasting insights and behavioral change. Despite having less exposure to our team than other retreat session leaders, the session that Kimberley led earned the highest ratings from our team."  
Stephane de Messieres, Director of Operations, Ashoka Changemakers

"Kimberley not only thinks organizational dynamics through, she is also exceedingly quick on her feet in meetings -- able to redirect and get discussions back on track and/or change directions as circumstances require. With Shifting Patterns' able organization development support and facilitation, we now have an active Design Team and a deep back bench of advisors and supporters."  
Jim Schulman, AIA, Executive Manager, Alliance for Regional Cooperation

 "Shifting Patterns was a critical member of the Brewing Change Campaign team that was exemplified by Kimberley's strong leadership, communication, and organization skills. As a facilitator, she provided the space for open dialogue and kept the conversation focused on the needs of the campaign. I was impressed by her ability to drive the conversation towards action and keep the team focused on following through on commitments made for each step of the Campaign. I'm pleased with the level of support and quality of services provided by Shifting Patterns and look forward to working with Kimberley on future projects."
Tebabu Assefa, Founder and Chief Storyteller, Blessed Coffee

“I've known Kimberley for several years since we share a belief in business as a force for positive change. When it was time to launch a movement for building a sustainable economy, Shifting  Patterns was one of the first organizations I contacted. As an advisor to the Chesapeake Sustainable Business Council, where she helped guide our strategic planning and fundraising efforts, I knew that Kimberley was the right person to help establish a network to transition from talk to collaborative action. She has played a pivotal role in laying the groundwork for cross-sector collaboration to emerge, which included co-facilitating a strategic action meeting that was attended by business and nonprofit leaders and social activists.”  
Steve Shaff, Founder, Community Vision Partners

“As a result of working with Shifting Patterns our thought process for expanding our innovative irrigation technology, which is specifically designed to benefit poor women smallholders, has been consolidated. We are now able to synchronize strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations that encompass businesses, community based organizations, farmers groups, and government agencies.”  
Trupti Jain and Biplab Paul, Co-Founders, Naireeta Services Private Limited

"I recommend Shifting Patterns Consulting for any organization that is serious about taking its teams and collaborative work to the next level. Having professional support and expertise was absolutely key for me as a leader, and for the team as a whole, to better understand our goals and put together a clear plan for achieving them. Kimberley's care with every minimum detail and her commitment to deeply understand our team and our challenges in order to provide the best experience for everyone was outstanding." 
Daniela Matielo, Director of Network Activation, Ashoka Changemakers

“I'm totally impressed and satisfied with the work that Kimberley put into helping LDI Africa prepare its social impact strategy. Now that this plan is in place, we're prepared to seek funding for our programs. Kimberley's efforts went beyond guiding the development of this plan; her belief in LDI Africa inspired me to give my best effort to the strategic planning process.”
Gbenga Ogunjimi, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, LDI Africa

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"We were in need of a development strategy for our organization. Kimberley's recommendations were well suited for our resources and organizational structure. Aside from being attentive, conscientious, and skilled in providing us with exactly what we needed, she ensured that the final product was what we sought and that we were confident about how to utilize her work to advance our organization."                                                                                                                                                                                              Rob Rutland-Brown, Executive Director, National Justice for Our Neighbors                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

“Before we hired Shifting Patterns, we did not have a fundraising strategy or knowledge of how to get started. Kimberley helped us not only with our fundraising, but provided valuable information about how to get our board members more involved. Our board members are more aware of their roles and responsibilities. We still have a long way to go in this area, but thanks to Shifting Patterns we now have a good foundation on which to build. Kimberley takes pride in a job well done and is not afraid to make sure that goals are accomplished; she kept us on track.”
Sheila Schlisner Hendricks, Former Executive Director, Adventist Community Services of Greater Washington

“Kimberley is deeply committed to helping social change organizations improve their fundraising abilities. She is extremely knowledgable about all aspects of fundraising. Kimberley helped me to understand the fundraising cycle, and how to attract new donors and maintain existing ones. She helped me identify existing fundraising obstacles and develop solutions.”
Trisha Clauson, Former Director, Think Local First DC