Here is some insight into what it is like working with us.  We like to think of our consulting process as a journey that we accompany you on to achieve your goals.

Step 1 Initial Conversation:

We begin with an initial conversation to better understand your needs and determine how we can help.  Depending on where you are located we can either meet in person or arrange a virtual meeting.  

Step 2 Agreeing to Work Together:

Once we jointly identify the services that best fit your needs we will prepare a scope of work that describes the consulting project along with a timeline, deliverables, and cost.  We will meet with you to review the scope of work, address your questions and prepare to work together.

Step 3 Discovery and Feedback:

Regardless of the type of project, we like to begin the assignment by getting a clear picture of the context we are working in.  For a skills building project, we might interview you and your staff to determine current knowledge and skill levels and where you want to take them.  We will meet with you to review our findings and agree upon a suitable course of action.

Step 4 Implementation:

We use a collaborative approach to carrying out consulting activities.  Since a problem solving approach tends to lead to more problems that need to be solved, we approach the consulting process differently by identifying and building upon existing strengths.  Knowledge and skills transfer is an important part of our work.

Step 5 Monitoring:

Throughout the project, we will monitor progress to make sure that we stay on track towards achieving your goals.  This includes reviewing the pace of the consulting process and quality of results of achieved.  In addition to keeping in touch about progress made, we will also discuss and agree upon on corrective actions, when and if they are needed to make sure you get the results you are looking for.

Step 6 Wrapping Up:

Once the project is completed we will arrange a closing meeting, in person or virtually, to get your input on how the process went and capture lessons learned that could be applied to other areas of your work.  We can also discuss opportunities to work together on other projects that suit your needs.

Now that you've learned what it's like to work with Shifting Patterns, experience it first hand by contacting us to schedule a free consultation.