"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice." - Martin luther King, Jr.

This quote inspires our work.  Our role is to help changemakers build a lever that helps bend the arc further in the direction of justice.   We recognize that social change is difficult and courageous work where success is measured by incremental progress.  We're committed to supporting teams throughout their movement building journey.

We believe that how we relate to ourselves and to each other is fundamental to all change.  We work with a variety of teams because they are the basic building block of efforts to bring about positive change whether your goals are to provide a social service, build communities that are better places to live, or mobilize people to advocate for political change.

Why choose Shifting Patterns Consulting?

  • Similar Ethos: We work exclusively with mission based organizations, such as nonprofits, social enterprises, and B Corporations.
  • 'On the Ground' Experience: Our founder has worked with local, national, and international mission-based organizations throughout her career. 
  • Your People are the Driving Force Behind Your Mission: We specialize in improving the effectiveness of teams to generate social impact.
  • Untraditional Consulting: When you work with Shifting Patterns we won't tell you how to implement lasting change, we'll teach you.
  • High-Touch, High-Quality Service: We begin by meeting your team where it is on the path to social impact and we are accountable throughout the duration of our work together.  You'll know that your investment is going directly into your team's transformation.

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